FAQFrequently asked Questions


About accommodation / rooms

What amenities are there?
All rooms are equipped with bath towels, pajamas, hair dryers, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrushes hairbrush, cotton, cotton swabs, shaver.
In addition, beauty appliances, bottled water, and smart phones that can be used free of charge are also provided.
Because the contents are slightly different depending on the room, please see the details page.
Is there room cleaning or towel change?
In the case of consecutive nights, we will clean in the middle and change towels.
In case of unnecessary please inform us with a special tag on the outside of the door.

About payment

How do you pay for it?
Please settle at the hotel by card or cash.
Available cards: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, DC, AMERICAN EXPRESS, UFJ, NICOS, MUFGCARD, Union pay
When does the cancellation fee originate?
You can cancel free of charge up to the day before 3 days before the arrival date. If canceled three days before the arrival date, 100% of the room charge will be charged.
In addition, guests who can not cancel plan will be charged 100% of room charge if canceled at any time after reservation.

Hotel use in general

Is it possible to keep my luggage before check-in?
Yes. It is possible. We have a 24 hour reception staff so please come over at your favorite time.
What time is check-in? Is early check-in possible?
Check in time is 15:00.
If your room is ready, we will notify you by e-mail on that day, so in that case check-in may be possible even before 15:00.
What is the check-in time?
The hotel has a 24-hour staff so you can check in at your preferred time according to your convenience.
(Entrance will be locked on security from 1 o'clock midnight to early morning 6 o'clock. When you come to check in at that time, please call the staff as there is an interphone on the left side.
When is check-out time? Also, can you keep my luggage after checkout?
Check-out time is until 11:00 am. We can also keep your luggage after check out, so please feel free to voice our front staff.
Is it possible to do late check-out?
It is possible until 14 o'clock. In that case, we will charge an additional charge of 2,000 yen.
I'd like to send luggage in advance, can you receive it?
Yes. It is possible. Please contact us in advance and send it to the following address.
〒 601 - 8017
7,7-5,7-6, Higashikujokitakarasuma-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto
Is it possible to stay in a wheelchair?
Yes. It is possible. There are also barrier-free rooms for guests with wheelchair access.
As the number is limited, we recommend you to reserve as soon as possible.
Is there a parking lot.
There is no parking lot dedicated to the hotel, so please use the nearby coin parking.
How can I get off Kyoto Station?
It is on the right hand which fell to the south about 5 minutes walking Karasuma street from Kyoto station Hachijo mouth. Go to the Access Page
Is there breakfast?
I'm sorry. We do not offer breakfast at our hotel.
We are pleased to introduce the shops where breakfast can be enjoyed in the vicinity of the hotel, so please do not hesitate to speak to the staff.
Is there a smoking room?
All rooms in the hotel are non-smoking. There is a smoking room next to the elevator on the first floor so please use it if you are smoked.